Seeking Affordable Quality Jewelry? Look for Vermeil, According to Designer Lausanne Miller

Episode 77

What you’ll learn in this episode: What “demi-fine jewelry” means. Why vermeil is the “gold” standard for plated jewelry. How Lausanne’s previous work as a fashion designer inspires her jewelry line.  How Shop Lausanne has remained flexible during the coronavirus pandemic.  About Lausanne Miller: After spending 13 years as a fashion designer and director for […]

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New Book Captures the Story of Mark Patterson Jewelry with Josette Patterson & Amy Elliott

Episode 115

What you’ll learn in this episode: The history of Mark Patterson, and the serendipitous moments that launched Josette’s career How the bridal and engagement jewelry market has changed over the years A jewelry veteran’s advice for young jewelers The creative process of developing a jewelry book About Josette Patterson Josette Patterson is cofounder and creative […]

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How Her Life and Heritage Influences Multi-Award Winning Artist, Alexia Connellan’s Colorful Pieces

Episode 112

What you’ll learn in this episode: What inspired Alexia to combine historical designs with tropical-colored gemstones What Alexia’s experience as a Black jewelry designer is like, and why the idea that there are no Black jewelry professionals is a myth How artisanal small-scale gem mining helps protect workers and communities How Alexia pivoted to sell […]

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How Ornamentum Gallery Became the Art Jewel of Hudson, NY with Stefan Friedmann Co-founder of Ornamentum Gallery

Episode 111

What you’ll learn in this episode: Why you don’t always need to focus on big cities when looking for art jewelry How Ornamentum finds and selects artists to represent How Stefan defines conceptual jewelry The inspiration behind the work of Jiro Kamata, one of Ornamentum’s well-known artists How Ornamentum has attracted a loyal, young group […]

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