From a String of Pearls to a Global Brand: Israel’s Yvel Jewelry House with Isaac Levy, Co-Founder of Yvel

Episode 71

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The history of the Moussaieff family jewelry business and how it sparked the creation of Yvel.
  • What sets a baroque pearl apart from a “perfect” pearl.
  • Why it’s incorrect to think pearls don’t hold their value.
  • How Yvel created its Design Center and the Megemeria School of Jewelry and Art to give back to the community.

About Isaac Levy:

Isaac Levy and his wife Orna are the founders of the Israeli luxury jewelry brand Yvel, best known worldwide for their distinctive creations featuring pearls. Isaac was enchanted by the natural beauty of pearls and the creativity involved in jewelry craftsmanship. He began to train with his mother-in-law who recognized his raw talent for innovative design and worked to mentor him, sharing her knowledge of gemstones, gold, pearls and jewelry craftsmanship. Isaac and Orna now create a powerful design team, stimulating innovation in pearl and gemstone jewelry design with award-winning results.

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