The International Appeal of Nordic Crafts & Design with Irija Øwre, Gallery Director at Galleri Format Oslo

Episode 16

Irija Øwre is the Gallery Director at Galleri Format Oslo. She is responsible for the exhibition program, finances and personnel, as well as development of sales and presentation strategies.

Founded in 1991, Galleri Format Oslo is the leading gallery for contemporary crafts and design in Norway. The gallery is an exhibition and sales venue of the finest artistic quality within ceramic, textile, metal, jewelry and glass. The gallery aims to strengthen the position of Norwegian contemporary craft and design internationally. Through working with both established and emerging artists, the gallery reflects the various tendencies in contemporary craft and design today. The gallery’s goal is to challenge established norms while highlighting key values in the field by actively bringing a wider spectrum of artistic practices to the fore.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What kinds of art jewelry are showcased at Galleri Format Oslo.
  • How the Norwegian government strongly supports and promotes the arts and crafts community.
  • Why the message conveyed by art jewelry is as important as the aesthetic beauty of each piece, and why “resistance” to a piece can be a good thing.
  • Why it’s more important to follow your own style when building your collection than to follow trends.
  • How Norway’s design scene differs from nearby Finland and Denmark.

How to contact Irija Øwre:

Episode Transcript

Sharon Berman