No Longer Taboo: Contemporary Art Jewelry in Southern California with Jane Groover, Co-Founder of Taboo Studio

Episode 49

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Jane was influenced by jeweler Arline Fisch.
  • How Taboo Studio was established and where the gallery got its name.
  • Why Taboo Studio focuses on both showcasing jewelry and making custom pieces.
  • What Jane looks for when finding new artists.
  • How Taboo Studio’s marketing and advertising strategies have changed over time.

About Jane Groover

A practicing metalsmith and jewelry artist, Jane Groover is a co-founder of Taboo Studio, a contemporary art jewelry gallery based in San Diego, California. Taboo Studio was established more than 30 years ago and represents over 75 artists who are locally, nationally and internationally recognized. Each artist is known for their distinct style and use of materials. Taboo Studio also designs and creates custom jewelry for clients utilizing their stones or gems from the gallery’s collection.

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