Marrying Old and New: Ancient Treasures and Contemporary Statements with Sasha Nixon, Historian, Curator and Practicing Metalsmith

Episode 29

Sasha Nixon is a curator, historian, and practicing metalsmith. She specializes in the study of contemporary art jewelry, particularly how individual artists are influenced by ancient and historical jewelry styles and techniques. She is co-curator of the Museum of Arts and Design’s (MAD) exhibition Fake News and True Love: Fourteen Stories by Robert Baines (October […]

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Episode 172: The Joy of Jewelry Marketing: Expert Tips to Make Your Jewelry Brand Stand Out

Episode 172

What you’ll learn in this episode: Why content is the most important piece of the jewelry marketing pie How podcasting can connect people in the jewelry industry  How Laryssa translated her experience in marketing for the healthcare industry to marketing for the jewelry industry  Why digital marketing creates more resonance for brands The biggest mistakes […]

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Metalwerx: Innovation in Jewelry Making and Learning with Lindsay Minihan, Executive Director at Metalwerx

Episode 35

Lindsay Minihan is the Executive Director of Metalwerx, an innovative school and community studio for jewelry making and metal arts located in Waltham, Massachusetts. In the past 13 years, she has doubled the organization’s financial capacity, expanded the annual curriculum to include over 130 annual courses, created 29 workspaces for jewelers, and initiated many new […]

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