Episode 129: What Are You Selling, Really? Developing Your Jewelry’s Brand with Pam Levine, CEO and Brand Experience Expert of Levine Luxury Branding

Episode 129

What you’ll learn in this episode: How to go through the all-important process of defining your jewelry business’ brand Why engaging relationships with customers are your most valuable asset Where to learn more about digital marketing How to create jewelry displays that are equally beautiful and effective About Pam Levine Pam Levine is the CEO […]

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Heavy Metal: How Atelier Zobel Uses Traditional Goldsmithing Techniques to Create Beautiful Jewelry with Peter Schmid, Owner of Atelier Zobel in Konstanz, Germany

Episode 126

What you’ll learn in this episode: The process Atelier Zobel uses to fuse different metals together in innovative and beautiful ways How Peter has maintained Michael Zobel’s legacy while modernizing and refining the Atelier’s designs Why Peter is attracted to imperfect gems, and how he designs jewelry that highlights the beauty of imperfection Why passion […]

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Jewelry and Shoe Lovers Unite: What Our Accessories Represent with Dr. Kimberly Alexander, University of New Hampshire Faculty

Episode 124

What you’ll learn in this episode: What material culture is, and how we can understand history through its lens Why people tend to save their shoes even if they don’t wear them How high heels relate to women’s sense of power—or powerlessness Why Colonial-era shoe and breeches buckles are still a popular jewelry material How […]

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40 years of Galerie Marzee: Still Influencing Art Jewelry with Marie-José Van Der Hout, Founder & Director of Galerie Marzee

Episode 122

What you’ll learn in this episode: Why Marie-José developed the Marzee Graduate Prize to help young jewelry artists How she secured the historic building her gallery and apartment are located in Who Marie-José’s favorite artists are, such as Dorothea Prühl Why the term “art jewelry” is redundant How the pandemic inspired Marie-José to look closer […]

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Where Does Your Gold Come From & Why Does It Matter? Explore From July 13-15, A Virtual Event. 11th Annual Gold & Diamond Conference with Lisa Koenigsberg, Founder & Conference Director

Episode 120

What you’ll learn in this episode: Why jewelry carries meaning beyond just its material value Where jewelry and adornment fits into visual culture How Lisa developed Initiatives in Art and Culture’s series of conferences, and how she has adapted them during Covid When the next IAC Gold Conference is and what speakers to expect About […]

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