Capturing the Universe with Metal and Gemstones with Valerie Jo Coulson, Multi-Award-Winning Fine Jewelry Artist

Episode 83

What you’ll learn in this episode: What resources Valerie used to teach herself jewelry making. What sacred geometry is, and how it influences Valerie’s work. The process behind creating “The Gauntlet,” a bracelet featuring stunning Queensland black boulder opals. How jewelry is similar to architecture. About Valerie Jo Coulson Valerie Jo Coulson is an American […]

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The Jewelry Library is Creating Spaces for Connecting Jewelry Lovers with Karen Davidov, Founder of The Jewelry Library

Episode 81

What you’ll learn in this episode: What jewelry literacy is, and why it is important. How Karen curated her collection of vintage jewelry and jewelry books. How stylists and costume designers work with jewelry archivists. How The Jewelry Library is continuing its programming online. What to expect from The Jewelry Library in the future. About […]

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Seeking Affordable Quality Jewelry? Look for Vermeil, According to Designer Lausanne Miller

Episode 77

What you’ll learn in this episode: What “demi-fine jewelry” means. Why vermeil is the “gold” standard for plated jewelry. How Lausanne’s previous work as a fashion designer inspires her jewelry line.  How Shop Lausanne has remained flexible during the coronavirus pandemic.  About Lausanne Miller: After spending 13 years as a fashion designer and director for […]

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Yes, It’ Real.. Jewelry in Plastic! Cara Croninger’s Jewelry Journey From Her Daughter’s Perspective With An Introduction From Lisa Berman

Episode 74

What you’ll learn in this episode: An insider’s look into Cara Croninger’s innovative work and process.  How Cara’s color creations makes her pieces unique.  The impact of Robert Lee Morris and Cara Croninger’s relationship.  How The Clocktower in New York helped influence artists such as Cara.  Saudia’s plans to carry on her mother’s legacy with […]

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