Bakelite Jewelry: The Intersection of Design, Intricacy & Fashion with Matt Burkholz, Antique Dealer & Owner of Route 66 West Palm Springs

Episode 46

What you’ll learn in this episode: What Bakelite is, how it got its name and how the production process evolved in the early 20th century. The different methods of identifying Bakelite. How Bakelite is assigned value and the characteristics that define its quality. Matt’s perspective on selling Bakelite jewelry. An overview of the annual Modernism […]

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Episode 177 Part 2: History at Your Fingertips: How Beatriz Chadour-Sampson Catalogued 2,600 Historic Rings

Episode 177

What you’ll learn in this episode: How Beatriz discovered and catalogued the 2,600 rings in the Alice and Louis Koch Ring Collection at the Swiss National Museum How Covid lockdown changed how people wear jewelry Beatriz’s tricks for making a jewelry exhibit more engaging What it’s like to work with jewels uncovered from shipwrecks How […]

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