Vintage: Back in Fashion with Richard Wainwright, Co-Founder and Producer of A Current Affair

Episode 33

A longtime collector of all things vintage, Richard Wainwright founded A Current Affair, a pop-up marketplace where more than 70 top vintage retailers and private dealers present relevant and trend-driven collections. A Current Affair takes place seasonally in Los Angeles, Brooklyn and the San Francisco Bay Area. Additionally, Richard founded and produces the sister event, […]

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The World’s Handmade Jewelry at Your Fingertips with Vivianne Leung, Senior Marketing Executive, and Natasha Hosseini, Creative Copywriter, at JewelStreet

Episode 32

Senior Marketing Executive Vivianne Leung and Creative Copywriter Natasha Hosseini are representatives for JewelStreet, one of the fastest growing online jewelry marketplaces based in the United Kingdom. With a community of over 200 independent jewelry designers from around the world, and by specializing in only the finest handmade and bespoke jewelry, JewelStreet is revolutionizing the […]

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From Transparent to Vibrant: Layered Acrylic Jewelry with Jennifer Merchant, Contemporary Jewelry Artist, Jennifer Merchant Design

Episode 31

Jennifer Merchant is a studio jewelry artist and sculptor based in Minneapolis. She is best known for her innovative, layered acrylic process in which she layers images and prints between solid acrylic. Her work is graphic with clean lines and an ultra-modern aesthetic. Pieces confound viewers by appearing transparent from one angle of view and […]

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The Decorative Arts: A Window Into History with Matthew Thurlow, Executive Director of The Decorative Arts Trust

Episode 30

Matthew Thurlow is the Executive Director of The Decorative Arts Trust, a non-profit national membership organization that promotes and fosters the appreciation and study of the decorative arts through domestic and international programming, collaborations and partnerships with museums and preservation organizations, and underwriting internships, research grants and scholarships for graduate students and young professionals. Prior […]

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Marrying Old and New: Ancient Treasures and Contemporary Statements with Sasha Nixon, Historian, Curator and Practicing Metalsmith

Episode 29

Sasha Nixon is a curator, historian, and practicing metalsmith. She specializes in the study of contemporary art jewelry, particularly how individual artists are influenced by ancient and historical jewelry styles and techniques. She is co-curator of the Museum of Arts and Design’s (MAD) exhibition Fake News and True Love: Fourteen Stories by Robert Baines (October […]

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Antique Jewelry & Art Conference: A Preview of Jewelry Camp 2019 with Edward Lewand, Independent Appraiser & Co-Director of Jewelry Camp

Episode 28

Edward A. Lewand, GG, ASA, AAA, is a professional, independent appraiser of fine and antique jewelry. He works with attorneys on estates, trusts, insurance matters and copyright issues; appraisal theories and concepts; and matrimonial appraising. Edward also works with international accounting firms such as KPMG and PWC with banks for inventory review, as well as […]

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The Northwest Jewelry Conference — A Must-Attend Event with Ted Irwin, Independent Appraiser & Director of the Northwest Gemological Institute

Episode 27

Ted Irwin is an independent appraiser of fine jewelry and gemstones, and director of the Northwest Gemological Institute and Northwest Gemological Laboratory. He provides detailed documentation on contemporary to antique fine jewelry, watches, pearls and gemstones for insurance, estate or other legal purposes. Ted is also the director of the Northwest Jewelry Conference which provides […]

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Ancient Jewels as Modern Wearable Art with Marc Auclert, Designer & Founder of Maison Auclert

Episode 25

Marc Auclert is a jewelry designer, gemologist, historian and founder of Masion Auclert, based in the Vendôme area of Paris. Founded in 2010, Maison Auclert is the first jewelry company offering a collection of museum-worthy antiquities mounted as modern works of wearable art. Early in his career, Marc helped launch Chanel’s fine jewelry department. His […]

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