The Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant: Making Your Application Stand Out with Bonnie Levine, AJF Board Member

Episode 95

What you’ll learn in this episode: About the Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant and the criteria for applying What the application includes, and Bonnie’s tips for ensuring you submit it properly What types of proposals catch the judges’ eye Why past winners’ applications were successful, and what they have done with the funds This year’s […]

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How the Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant Is Helping Push the Boundaries of Art Jewelry with Enthusiastic Art Jewelry Collector, Susan Beech

Episode 94

What you’ll learn in this episode: How Art Jewelry Forum went from a small meetup of art jewelry enthusiasts to an international organization Why Susan wanted to focus her support on mid-career artists, and how she defines what a mid-career artist is What Susan hopes grant recipients and applicants will gain from the award How […]

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Combining Creativity and Business Savvy: Making Smart Decisions in the Art Jewelry Industry with Multi-Award Winning Artist, Raïssa Bump

Episode 93

What you’ll learn in this episode: Why jewelry is a fascinating part of our daily rituals How Raïssa developed her earring subscription program, and why it’s a viable way for jewelry artists to make steady income What Art Jewelry Forum is, and how it has helped Raïssa and other jewelry professionals and enthusiasts learn and […]

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Art Jewelry in Sweden: Stockholm’s Platina Gallery with Sofia Björkman Artist and Gallery Owner

Episode 92

What you’ll learn in this episode: Why metalsmithing techniques can be useful even when using other materials. Why the global art jewelry community is more tight-knit than other artistic fields. How jewelry’s interactive nature separates it from other fine arts. Sofia’s future plans for her gallery, Platina. About Sofia Björkman Sofia Bjorkman didn’t intend to […]

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Design For Yourself First: Following Your Passion To Create Expressive Jewelry with Sylvie Corbelin Paris-based Fine Jewelry Designer

Episode 90

What you’ll learn in this episode: The two ways to go about creating a piece of jewelry, and which process Sylvie uses. Why earrings aren’t just for the person wearing them. How Sylvie works with unusual materials, like bamboo and uncommon stones. Sylvie’s advice for emerging jewelers. About Sylvie Corbelin: Antiques dealer turned gemologist Sylvie […]

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Shaping Inspiration in Clay: How One Jewelry Artist Honed Her Process with Loretta Lam Multi-Award Winning Artist and Author

Episode 89

What you’ll learn in this episode: Why polymer clay is the perfect medium for anyone interested in color. How polymer clay became popular in the 70s and 80s. Why it’s important for art students and craftspeople to understand the principles of design. How Loretta finds her inspiration and how she encourages others to do the […]

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A Century of Mexican Silver Jewelry Design: How Taxco Continues to Innovate with Dr. Penny Morrill Author & Expert on Mexican Silver

Episode 88

What you’ll learn in this episode: Why Taxco became a hotbed for silver design and innovation. How the Mexican Silver Renaissance began, and what factors influenced it. How William Spratling’s silver jewelry designs made their way around the world. Which Taxco silver artists you should be following today. About Penny Morrill: Dr. Penny Morrill has […]

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Educating People About Jewelry, One Throw Pillow at a Time with Julie Bishop, Founder of Juler’s Row and Amy Wilson, Interior Designer

Episode 87

What you’ll learn in this episode: How jewelry and fashion trends influence other areas of design. The importance of educating customers on jewelry. Why social media marketing has been important for the business, and what strategies they use on Instagram. How Juler’s Row products draw on jewelry designs from throughout history. Why many people don’t […]

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From the Wrist to the Gallery Wall: Getting People to See Jewelry as Art with Andrea Gutierrez, Jewelry Artist and Owner of Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry

Episode 86

What you’ll learn in this episode: The inspiration and process behind Andrea’s beaded and embroidered cuffs. How to source and re-purpose vintage beads. Why the symbiosis between jewelry artist and technical jeweler is important for the success of a piece. Global trends in jewelry, and why some locations prefer “bling” rather than art jewelry. Why […]

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