Jewelry as Self-Care: How Creative Expression Changed This Artist’s Life

Episode 116

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Amita became a successful jewelry designer later in life
  • Why Valloria, Italy is famous for its painted doors, and how Amita was chosen to showcase her art there
  • How Amita balances her art with her career as a physician
  • Why having a creative outlet makes people more authentic and empathetic

About Amita Bhalla

Amita Bhalla is an artist, jewelry maker and physician. As an artist, she creates one of a kind jeweled masterpieces born of beeswax & clay, sculpted by hand and brought to life with exceptional gemstones. Every piece is unique, striking a balance between bold scale and ultra-delicate design. Her work is designed with an expressed sensitivity to the natural world. Each of her jewels were created to be collected, worn and exalted.


Additional Links:


All images are from her recent collection, The Murano Collection.

1. Amore Infinito: Exquisite Murano glass creations and beads (also means Endless Love)

2. Bel Sogno: Clay and Murano glass beads (also means Beautiful Dream)

3. Bella Vita: Exquisite Murano glass creation (also means a Beautiful Life)

Sharon Berman