Translating Antique Jewelry For Today’s Jewelry Lovers with Konstantinos Leoussis, founder of KIL N.Y.C

Episode 114

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How KIL N.Y.C. got started and where it’s headed 
  • Why Konstantinos looks to the past instead of current trends for design inspiration
  • What Stuart crystals are, and why they are so sought out by collectors
  • The significance of skulls and memento mori in jewelry
  • How Konstantinos chooses pieces for his personal collection

About Konstantinos Leoussis

Konstantinos Leoussis is the owner of KIL N.Y.C., a company specializing in antique jewelry from the late Stuart to Edwardian era as well as a jewelry line greatly inspired by antiques, travels, and world history. After years of experience working under the tutelage of jewelry historians and as a former operations assistant of a fashion jewelry firm, Konstantinos has honed his skills and aims to create an entirely new type of jewelry business with a youthful and humanistic approach.

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Large mourning pendant

Set of portrait miniatures and mourning sepia

Memorial sepia for Shakespeare with blue enamel and diamonds

French jet bug pin

Large Whitby jet brooch

Tiny Whitby jet brooches

A lovely late Georgian garnet pendant brooch. This was likely a segment from another larger piece converted into a brooch.

From his personal collection; a set of miniatures: 1700s of a brother and sister and a sepia miniature for a departed family member – most likely the grandmother.

Sharon Berman