Kevin Friedman: Taking his clients on a Wild journey of their lives through jewelry

Episode 76

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The history of Kevin Friedman’s South African jewelry brand Frankli Wild.
  • How Kevin created the iconic Ponahalo Necklace, which won the Diamond International Award.
  • The materials and techniques used in African jewelry design, and how Kevin puts his own twist on them.
  • How jewelry artists collaborate with fashion designers for runway shows.

 About Kevin Friedman:

Renowned South African jewelry designer Kevin Friedman has captivated both the local and international jewelry trade with his one-of-a-kind pieces which use an innovative combination of high caratage gemstones and precious metals with ordinary everyday “found objects.” Kevin is a renaissance man who draws on the world around him for inspiration and creativity.

His highly original, fresh approach to contemporary jewelry design, such as the extraordinary $16 million Ponahalo Necklace created for the Geneva-based Steinmetz group, has attracted major international interest. His work has been featured in the international press.

Kevin has been director of design at Frankli Wild African Classics in Johannesburg since 1989 and has built up a blue-chip clientele. He is part of a seven-generation line of jewelers.

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