Fueling the Appreciation of Art Jewelry, with Patti Bleicher, Co-founder of Gallery Loupe

Episode 6

Patti Bleicher is the co-founder of Gallery Loupe, a gallery for contemporary art jewelry that represents the work of innovative contemporary studio artists. Patti and business partner Eileen David opened Gallery Loupe in 2006. The gallery focuses on established and emerging artists from the U.S. and abroad, and offers the opportunity to see and experience the most experimental and provocative jewelry being created today.

Gallery Loupe presents an expansive view of what jewelry can be through the use of non-traditional materials and challenging approaches. The gallery’s program of exhibitions and artist conversations offers the chance to explore and understand this important art form.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why “art jewelry” and “contemporary jewelry” are interchangeable terms.
  • What qualities Patti looks for when introducing work from a new artist to Gallery Loupe.
  • What defines a jewelry “collector” and how collectors help fuel a more artistic appreciation of jewelry.
  • Why variety and inclusivity are the keys to expanding the field of jewelry-as-art and growing the audience.
  • Why interactivity and the ability to handle and try on jewelry has been instrumental for Gallery Loupe in lowering the “intimidation” of art jewelry.

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