Educating People About Jewelry, One Throw Pillow at a Time with Julie Bishop, Founder of Juler’s Row and Amy Wilson, Interior Designer

Episode 87

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How jewelry and fashion trends influence other areas of design.
  • The importance of educating customers on jewelry.
  • Why social media marketing has been important for the business, and what strategies they use on Instagram.
  • How Juler’s Row products draw on jewelry designs from throughout history.
  • Why many people don’t realize contemporary jewelry is often influenced by the past.

About Julie Bishop and Amy Wilson:

Juler’s Row began in 2011 as a jewelry blog by founder, Julie Bishop. New to the industry, Julie used the blog as a way to immerse herself in the world of jewelry and learn as much as possible about all aspects of the business.

After many years and many blog posts, Julie decided to take Juler’s Row in a new direction. Shortly thereafter, a collaboration ensued between Julie and her mom, Amy Wilson, to create “jewelry art”. Amy, an interior designer and artist, took Julie’s ideas and brought them to life in the form of watercolor. The “jewelry art” is available as paper prints, canvas prints, wallpaper and many other mediums. Over the years the collection has grown to include jewelry as well as clothing.

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