The World’s Handmade Jewelry at Your Fingertips with Vivianne Leung, Senior Marketing Executive, and Natasha Hosseini, Creative Copywriter, at JewelStreet

Episode 32

Senior Marketing Executive Vivianne Leung and Creative Copywriter Natasha Hosseini are representatives for JewelStreet, one of the fastest growing online jewelry marketplaces based in the United Kingdom. With a community of over 200 independent jewelry designers from around the world, and by specializing in only the finest handmade and bespoke jewelry, JewelStreet is revolutionizing the retail industry. After hand-picking emerging names, JewelStreet provides an online platform for these talented designers and artisans to thrive and reach new audiences.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How JewelStreet has become the go-to, online marketplace for unique and beautiful handmade jewelry.
  • The importance of knowing the origin and designer of your jewelry.
  • JewelStreet’s process for finding and vetting jewelry artists.
  • How JewelStreet promotes its member artists.
  • The various resources for consumers on the website, including Wedding Hub.

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