Art Jewelry in Sweden: Stockholm’s Platina Gallery with Sofia Björkman Artist and Gallery Owner

Episode 92

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why metalsmithing techniques can be useful even when using other materials.
  • Why the global art jewelry community is more tight-knit than other artistic fields.
  • How jewelry’s interactive nature separates it from other fine arts.
  • Sofia’s future plans for her gallery, Platina.

About Sofia Björkman

Sofia Bjorkman didn’t intend to create a globally known art jewelry gallery when she opened Platina in Stockholm 20 years ago; she just wanted to have a space where she and her friends could showcase their work. However, Platina quickly became known for its collaborative exhibitions with jewelry artists from around the world. Sofia joined the Jewelry Journey Podcast to talk about the history and future of Platina, her own work as a jewelry designer, and why she thinks the global art jewelry community is so tight-knit.


Additional resources



Annette Dam Necklace

“Taking the liberty” #4 2019

Silver, pearls, ribbon

Annika Pettersson Necklace 

“Royal Resolution” 2019

Reconstructed stone, silver


Christer Jonsson Necklace

“Frida” 2018

Silver, titanium, enamel, pate du verre, glass 

Christer Jonsson Necklace

“Garden of Death Silver” 1996


Heejoo Kim Brooch 2019

copper, enamel

Helena Johansson Lindell Necklace Collar 2020

Plastic/cotton cord/leather/rivets

Julia Walters Necklace 2017 / 2020


stainless steel, chromed

Karin Roy Andersson Necklace 2018

“New flesh”

silver, steel, thread


Lena Bergestad Bracelet

Titanium Silver

Linnea Eriksson Necklace

“Tribute” 2014

Steel, silver, paint

Sofia Björkman Necklace

“Garden” 2020

PLA, steel, paint

Sofia Björkman Brooch 2019

Silver, steel (seam rippers)

Sofia Björkman Necklace

“Garden” 2020

PLA, steel, paint


Sharon Berman