Patina Gallery: Presenting Sophisticated Contemporary Works Against a Unique Cultural Backdrop with Allison Barnett, Co-Owner of Patina Gallery

Episode 61

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The meaning behind Patina and how the gallery was established.
  • Why Allison decided to focus on contemporary jewelry.
  • How the gallery’s geographic location influences who and what they show.
  • What role Allison plays in finding the bridge between the artist and the collector.
  • Trends and changes in the art jewelry market over the decades.

About Allison Barnett:

Allison Barnett is the co-owner of Patina Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She holds a BFA in metalsmithing from Syracuse University and is considered an authority on art jewelry. Allison works closely with Patina’s patrons and shares the responsibility of managing all aspects of the gallery with her husband, Ivan Barnett. She and Ivan collaborate and curate exhibitions that are seductive in the way they time and again invite art lovers back to the gallery. Allison, possessing intimate knowledge of the arts and artists, offers collectors a deep connection to makers and their unique creative processes.

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