Parisian Jewelry: The Best Places to Learn and Shop with Rachel Kaplan, Owner of French Links Tours

Episode 65

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The best French museums and stores to visit and learn about jewelry.
  • How French and American jewelry and fashion designers have influenced each other.
  • Which Paris flea markets are best to shop for unique jewelry and French furniture.
  • How Rachel helps collectors go behind the scenes of Paris’ jewelry landscape. 

About Rachel Kaplan:

Rachel Kaplan is the owner of French Links Tours, the only American-owned and operated high-end luxury tour and events company in all of France. French Links Tours offers customized tours of Paris, including jewelry tours as well as tours in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Scotland, Spain and Greece. Rachel has been helping people purchase vintage jewelry since 1996.

Born into a family of Francophiles, Rachel was educated at the Lyçée Français de New York. She has lived in Paris since 1994, where she wrote and published six books, including a series entitled “Little-Known Museums in and Around” for Harry N. Abrams on four major European capitals: Paris, London, Berlin and Rome.” 

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