How Phoenix’s Heard Museum Is Increasing Appreciation for Native American Art with Diana Pardue, Curator of Collections at the Heard Museum

Episode 101

What you’ll learn in this episode: How Charles Loloma changed contemporary Native American jewelry more than any other jeweler Why Native American jewelry transformed dramatically in the mid-19th century Which contemporary Native American jewelers you should be watching How the Heard Museum got its start, and how it showcases Native American arts in the Southwest […]

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Porcelain Dolls, Rabbit’s Feet, Padlocks: What Inspires This Jeweler’s Unusual Creations with Castro, founder and owner of CASTRO NYC

Episode 100

Jewelry designer Castro’s unusual pieces are a reflection of his unusual entry into the world of jewelry. After starting out by selling his work from a table on the sidewalk in Soho, Castro has now become an internationally known artist with his own line, Castro NYC. He joined the Jewelry Journey Podcast to talk about […]

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The Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant: Making Your Application Stand Out with Bonnie Levine, AJF Board Member

Episode 95

What you’ll learn in this episode: About the Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant and the criteria for applying What the application includes, and Bonnie’s tips for ensuring you submit it properly What types of proposals catch the judges’ eye Why past winners’ applications were successful, and what they have done with the funds This year’s […]

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How the Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant Is Helping Push the Boundaries of Art Jewelry with Enthusiastic Art Jewelry Collector, Susan Beech

Episode 94

What you’ll learn in this episode: How Art Jewelry Forum went from a small meetup of art jewelry enthusiasts to an international organization Why Susan wanted to focus her support on mid-career artists, and how she defines what a mid-career artist is What Susan hopes grant recipients and applicants will gain from the award How […]

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Combining Creativity and Business Savvy: Making Smart Decisions in the Art Jewelry Industry with Multi-Award Winning Artist, Raïssa Bump

Episode 93

What you’ll learn in this episode: Why jewelry is a fascinating part of our daily rituals How Raïssa developed her earring subscription program, and why it’s a viable way for jewelry artists to make steady income What Art Jewelry Forum is, and how it has helped Raïssa and other jewelry professionals and enthusiasts learn and […]

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Art Jewelry in Sweden: Stockholm’s Platina Gallery with Sofia Björkman Artist and Gallery Owner

Episode 92

What you’ll learn in this episode: Why metalsmithing techniques can be useful even when using other materials. Why the global art jewelry community is more tight-knit than other artistic fields. How jewelry’s interactive nature separates it from other fine arts. Sofia’s future plans for her gallery, Platina. About Sofia Björkman Sofia Bjorkman didn’t intend to […]

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