Russia’s Rich Jewelry History with Marie Betteley, Jewelry Dealer & Gemologist

Episode 12

Marie Betteley is a leading authority on Russian jewels and Imperial Russian decorative arts, and the President of Marie E. Betteley, Inc., an online shop where customers find exquisitely crafted jewels and treasures from the most fascinating places in the world.

Beginning her career at the New York branch of Christie’s auction house, Marie quickly moved up in the company working in the Russian department. After 10 years, Marie opened her own gallery in New York and started trading in Fabergé and jewels.

She regularly consults for auction houses, museums and private collectors globally, and is a respected private dealer, professional speaker, tour guide and author of Beyond Fabergé, Russian Imperial Jewelers.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why the historical significance of Russian jewelry goes beyond the Fabergé designs.
  • The difference in jewelry styles made in Moscow versus St. Petersburg.
  • The impact of major Russian jewelers, including House of Bolin and Frederick Koechli, and what jewelry they are known for.
  • Why the Russian jewelry market skyrocketed between 2006 and 2008, and why it will continue to remain strong.
  • An overview of Marie’s Russian jewelry tours and what’s in store for her 2020 tour.

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Episode Transcript

Sharon Berman