Ancient Jewels as Modern Wearable Art with Marc Auclert, Designer & Founder of Maison Auclert

Episode 25

Marc Auclert is a jewelry designer, gemologist, historian and founder of Masion Auclert, based in the Vendôme area of Paris. Founded in 2010, Maison Auclert is the first jewelry company offering a collection of museum-worthy antiquities mounted as modern works of wearable art.

Early in his career, Marc helped launch Chanel’s fine jewelry department. His career path has taken him to places such as London, where he was the head of jewelry for Europe and Asia with Sotheby’s Diamonds, as well as Tokyo, where he was the CEO of De Beers Diamond Jewelers.

Marc is a certified gemologist by the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in New York.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The process for creating ancient jewelry, and why Marc was drawn to work with jewels from this historical time period.
  • How Marc determines which pieces to mount as jewels.
  • Why you should evaluate a piece based on aesthetics and technical feasibility.
  • Why Marc considers his pieces to be “cerebral” jewelry.
  • Trends in the world of jewelry, and why a focus on younger buyers is important.

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