Layers of Beauty: The Artistry of Grisaille Enamel Jewelry with Enamel Art Jeweler, Marianne Hunter

Episode 118

Marianne Hunter’s journey to become an enamel jewelry artist unfolded organically; it’s no wonder why her jewelry making process has an organic quality as well. As a self-taught artist, Marianne follows her intuition to choose the colors and composition of her grisaille enamel pieces. She joined the Jewelry Journey Podcast to talk about the childhood inspirations that influence her work, her jewelry making process, and how she has sustained a career for 50 years. Read the episode transcript here. 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The process of grisaille enameling, and how Marianne has adapted it for her work
  • How Marianne and her husband Bill, a sculptor known for his wood pieces, inspire and support each other as artists
  • Why becoming a jewelry artist allowed Marianne to come out of her shell and connect with people
  • Why jewelry and craft shows have been vital for Marianne’s career

About Marianne Hunter

Enamel art jewelry creator and designer Marianne Hunter and husband, sculptor William Hunter, are together Hunter Studios, a pairing of two ground-breaking and inspired artists. Each piece of Hunter’s jewelry is a unique artwork assemblage of her enamels, gems, artifacts and precious metals, an object of surpassing beauty and emotion. Her pieces reflect the breadth of her interests in the arts, nature, humanity and philosophy. Hunter creates only 20 pieces a year, including a small number of private commissions, limited by the time required to create each piece. A Marianne Hunter is truly a rare object d’art, an investment in beauty and a future heirloom. Each piece is titled with a poem Marianne writes for that piece. Hunter’s work can be seen in numerous museum collections in the US and abroad as well as in editorial images worldwide. 

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