Eyewear: A Growing Realm of Wearable Art, with Julia Gogosha, Owner of Gogosha Optique

Episode 51

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How eyeglasses-as-fashion has exploded in recent years.
  • Why wearers have shifted from owning one pair to multiple pairs.
  • How Julia finds new designers to carry and showcase.
  • Why “wardrobing eyewear” is a growing trend based on the immense spectrum of choices available.

Julia Gogosha is the founder and owner of Gogosha Optique, a high-end, service-and design-driven optical boutique located in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles. Gogosha Optique features high-end international eyewear and sunglass collections from designers such as Anne et Valentin, Barton Parreira, Cutler and Gross, Derome Brenner, Kirk Originals and Oliver Goldsmith, and a wide selection of vintage frames. Julia helps facilitate the connection between the eyewear wearer and the designer.

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