Jewelry That Makes You Think with Susan Cummins, Founder of Art Jewelry Forum

Episode 82

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What art jewelry is and how it differs from artist’s jewelry.
  • Why the boundaries between jewelry and other art and design disciplines are breaking down.
  • How the breaking down of boundaries is changing how jewelry is purchased, collected and exhibited.
  • How Art Jewelry Forum got started and what its plans are for the future.

About Susan Cummins:

Susan Cummins has been involved in numerous ways in the visual arts world over the last 35 years, from working in a pottery studio, doing street fairs, running a retail shop called the Firework in Mill Valley and developing the Susan Cummins Gallery into a nationally recognized venue for regional art and contemporary art jewelry. Now she spends most of her time working with a private family foundation called Rotasa and as a board member of both Art Jewelry Forum and California College of the Arts.

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Episode Transcript

“Gold Makes you Blind” by Otto Künzli. Synthetic rubber and 18K gold. This bracelet looks like a black, rubber bracelet, but it has a little, round bump partway along the tube, and in that little bump is a piece of gold.

Kadri Mälk, Angel Desperado, 2002, ebony, silver, purple rhodolite, blue raw spinel, 65 x 45 mm, 86 x 51 x 1 mm, photo courtesy of Rotasa Foundation.

Blitzableiterkette by Bernhard Schobinger

Susan Cummins wearing Dorothea Pruhl.

Art Jewelry Forum logo.

Sharon Berman