From Transparent to Vibrant: Layered Acrylic Jewelry with Jennifer Merchant, Contemporary Jewelry Artist, Jennifer Merchant Design

Episode 31

Jennifer Merchant is a studio jewelry artist and sculptor based in Minneapolis. She is best known for her innovative, layered acrylic process in which she layers images and prints between solid acrylic. Her work is graphic with clean lines and an ultra-modern aesthetic. Pieces confound viewers by appearing transparent from one angle of view and showcasing bold patterns and colors from another.

Jennifer graduated with a BFA in Metals and Jewelry from Savannah College of Art and Design. She is a full-time maker exhibiting her work across the country at galleries, museums and art fairs. Her work has also been published in several national magazines, such as American Craft, Ornament and Delta Sky Magazine.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Jennifer uses traditional woodworking and metalsmithing tools to create remarkable, vibrant-yet-transparent designs by hand.
  • How her pieces go beyond precious materials and inspire people to wear something fun and personal.
  • How the jewelry community has supported and impacted her work.
  • What’s next for her jewelry, including more complex forms and sculptures.

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