Galerie MiniMasterpiece: Showcasing Wearable Art by Contemporary Artists & Designers with Esther de Beaucé, Founder & Owner of Galerie MiniMasterpiece

Episode 60

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Galerie MiniMasterpiece works with artists and designers to create and showcase small scale wearable art.
  • The renowned artists and designers Esther has worked with and the pieces they have created.
  • How the avant-garde jewelry scene in Paris has begun to grow in international profile.
  • Why American women are seen as more free in their style choices compared to European women.

About Esther de Beaucé:

Esther de Beaucé is the founder and owner of Galerie MiniMasterpiece in Paris, France. MiniMasterpiece is a gallery entirely dedicated to contemporary artists, designers and architects’ jewelry. The gallery is an invitation given to those who usually never design jewelry because their work evolves on a more monumental scale (i.e. sculptures). Esther’s passion is to convince those artists to change the scale of their work and accompany them in that new field of wearable art. She has collaborated with acclaimed contemporary artists such as Phillip King, Bernar Venet, Andres Serrano, Lee Ufan, Jean-Luc Moulène, and Pablo Reinoso.

Esther previously co-owned the gallery Schirman & de Beaucé in Paris, dedicated to young artists of contemporary art.

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