Discovering Tel Aviv’s Up-and-Coming Fashion and Jewelry Designers with Galit Reismann, Founder of TLVstyle

Episode 69

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Tel Aviv became Israel’s fashion and jewelry hotspot.
  • Why Israeli jewelry design has become more individualistic over the last decade.
  • Shopping tips for visitors in Tel Aviv.
  • Top Israeli jewelry designers to watch.

About Galit Reismann:

Israeli tastemaker, entrepreneur, curator and fashion-content expert Galit Reismann decided to combine her passion for fashion with her deep connection to Tel Aviv. Her initial concept was to expose visitors to the inside of Israel’s emerging fashion design scene. With a keen interest to meet people of different walks of life and cultures, Galit decided to create TLVstyle, a service that serves as a hub to connect, engage and promote Israeli fashion.

Galit brings to TLVstyle a rich professional experience in media management, fashion and export. Previously, Galit helped Israeli designers to establish new markets, primarily in the U.S., where she worked with procurement managers and buyers. She aims to promote fashion tourism by exposing upcoming Israeli designers and their unique fingerprint to international audiences in experiential and innovative ways. From customized tours, to events and special projects, Galit tailors and curates exquisite encounters with Israeli fashion makers and provide them with the recognition they deserve.

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