Having Confidence to Create and Wear Contemporary Jewelry with Charon Kransen, Founder of Charon Kransen Arts

Episode 15

Charon Kransen is an internationally known lecturer and gallerist representing studio jewelers from around the world. He established Charon Kransen Arts in New York City in 1993, and the gallery’s collection consists of jewelry, hollowware and accessories by both renowned and emerging artists. The work is presented annually at various American art fairs, such as Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design (SOFA), Art Palm Beach and the Int. Art and Design Fair in New York, and at select galleries specializing in contemporary crafts and design.

Educated as a jewelry artist in Holland, Germany, Israel and Norway, Charon has taught and lectured extensively worldwide. The educational branch of Charon Kransen Arts also includes the distribution of books and exhibition catalogs on all aspects of jewelry, metal and design.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why there was an explosion in the Netherlands of new jewelry styles using unconventional materials.
  • Why education is the key to promoting an appreciation of contemporary jewelry.
  • What qualities Charon looks for in new artists.
  • Why avant-garde artists often end up making commercially appealing pieces out of necessity.
  • How to evaluate and determine if you should acquire a piece of art jewelry.

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