Behind the Scenes: Customized Jewelry Shopping Excursions in Istanbul with Catherine Salter Bayar, Istanbul Personal Shopper

Episode 36

In 1999, Catherine and her vintage textile expert husband, Abit, started Bazaar Bayar in Selçuk, Turkey. They spent a decade in their Bazaar Bayar shop, collecting and selling vintage kilims and carpets, embroidered suzanis and vintage Ottoman and Central Asian jewelry as well as hand-knits created by Catherine and inspired by the local women who knit and crochet.

In the summer of 2010, they moved to Istanbul’s Old City to launch a workshop to support local unsung artisans: women who still weave, knit and crochet in the traditions of timeless Turkish handcraft. Their workshops give traveling women a chance to meet Turkish women through classes and craft tours they host.

Catherine also offers customized shopping excursions throughout Istanbul with local vendors.
Prior to moving to Istanbul, Catherine was a clothing and interior designer in California, with work stints in major design centers around the world.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The emergence of Turkish designers and how they come to fame.
  • The reality of life in Turkey and visiting the country versus the media’s portrayal.
  • Catherine’s strategy for creating quality, time-sensitive shopping tours.
  • The importance of knowing who not to talk to as you’re shopping.
  • Catherine’s top choices for jewelry shopping in Istanbul.

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