Porcelain Dolls, Rabbit’s Feet, Padlocks: What Inspires This Jeweler’s Unusual Creations with Castro, founder and owner of CASTRO NYC

Episode 100

Jewelry designer Castro’s unusual pieces are a reflection of his unusual entry into the world of jewelry. After starting out by selling his work from a table on the sidewalk in Soho, Castro has now become an internationally known artist with his own line, Castro NYC. He joined the Jewelry Journey Podcast to talk about how he became a largely self-taught jeweler, the inspiration behind his fantastical work, and his experience as a Black jewelry designer now living in Istanbul. Read the episode transcript here.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The inspiration behind Castro’s unusual pieces, including his “bear paws” and “dollies”
  • How Castro transitioned from selling jewelry on the sidewalk in Soho to becoming a well-known jewelry designer with international clientele
  • The challenges of being a Black jewelry designer
  • Castro’s predictions for the jewelry market in a post-covid world

About Castro

Castro is an American master jeweler currently living and working in Istanbul. Sourcing conflict free diamonds and natural, untreated gemstones whenever possible, his pieces are fantastic, ethically made treasures. His singular design lens, creative spirit, bold personal style, and uncompromising approach to quality and uniqueness are evident in each of his extraordinary creations.

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Each piece is based on ideas and dreams which he recreates in a 3D form to appeal to the eyes of the beholder. Their appreciation is what makes the piece come alive. As an artist and creator he is striving for the attention of his customer. Plain and simple.

Sharon Berman