Advancing the Careers of Rising Artists: AJF 2020 Young Artist Award with Bonnie Levine, Board Member, Art Jewelry Forum

Episode 48

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Art Jewelry Forum’s mission and an overview of its programs.
  • How Bonnie defines art jewelry and why this varies from person to person.
  • Why Art Jewelry Forum established the Young Artist Award; who is eligible to apply and why the award is specifically meant for young artists first starting out.
  • The process for selecting the finalists and winner of the Young Artist Award.
  • Examples of past winners and the accomplishments they went on to achieve after they won.

The Art Jewelry Forum’s (AJF) Young Artist Award celebrates innovative designs created by a jewelry artist early in their career. The biennial award recognizes­ new and exciting work that will direct the future development of art jewelry. Bonnie Levine, Secretary on the AJF board, manages AJF’s two award/grant programs and plans the annual international trip for members.

AJF is a nonprofit organization spreading awareness and increasing appreciation of art jewelry worldwide by advocating for art jewelry through an ambitious agenda of education, conversation and financial support.

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