Beyond Art: Wearable Sculptures with Barbara Lo Bianco, Founder and Owner of BABS Art Gallery

Episode 21

Barbara Lo Bianco is the founder and owner of BABS (Beyond Art Before Sculpture ) Art Gallery, a gallery engaged with contemporary artists to create unique pieces of jewelry. As a lover of both contemporary art and jewels, Barbara works with artists to discover new ways to express their talent and message. An entrepreneur at heart, Barbara also owns several real estate businesses and fitness centers in Milan. She often organizes exhibitions at the fitness centers to support young artists and provide an opportunity to showcase their work as well as allow people to see art in a different setting than a gallery.

Barbara began her career as a lawyer, obtaining a Master’s degree in American and International Law from Southwestern Legal Foundation and studying law at the University of Palermo. She went on to obtain an MBA from SDA Bocconi School of Management which launched her profession in the art world.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The inspiration behind BABS Art Gallery.
  • How BABS works with artists to explore how their pieces can be turned into jewelry.
  • The materials artists work with and types of pieces they’ve created.
  • How the idea of “wearable sculpture” inspires many of the gallery’s artists to be experimental with their designs.
  • A look at upcoming BABS exhibits.

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